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2016 Marketing Awards

All entries are due August 1, 2016



Click here to begin the entry submission process. Click here to create an account.


Please note, the login for UPCEA Marketing Awards is a separate and different account than your main UPCEA/CORe login. 


Click here to learn about award-specific guidelines. See below for our list of Awards.


Print Publications
1. General catalog or tabloid, 4 colors throughout
2. General catalog or tabloid, 4 color cover, 1‐2 colors inside
3. Annual/Anniversary Report/Magazine
4. Brochure/Booklet
5. Postcard
6. Newsletter
(Submit two issues from past year, unmounted)
7. Poster (mounting optional)
8. Miscellaneous print pieces (greeting card, invitation, calendar, bookmark; mounting optional)


Interactive Media
9. Website
10. E‐communication (e‐newsletters, e‐magazines, email, online annual reports).
Make entry accessible online and include URL; no password required.
11. Streaming/On‐demand Content (Internet commercials, videos, etc.)
Make entry accessible online and provide a URL; no password required. Will be judged online.
12. Mobile Marketing (mobile websites, mobile apps, other mobile‐based strategies using texting, QR codes or games.)
Please provide links to each store/market in which the app is published (e.g. Apple’s “App Store”). For an app or
any other kind of mobile project, indicate which devices the app was designed for (e.g. iPhone 4S (iOS), iPad 2/3
(iOS), Android 2.3.X, Google Nexus 7 (Android), etc. Judged online. If entering a project that requires signin/
password, prepare a screencast that clearly illustrates the functionality or provide a test sign‐in for the judges
to use the live app.
13. Online display ads (static, animated, Flash or other rich media).
Provide an accessible URL, no password required.
14. Miscellaneous Interactive Media (micro sites, landing pages, electronic greeting cards, projects of smaller scope than
an entire website.)
Make entry accessible online and provide a URL; no password required.

Print Advertising
15. Single Ad
Print out and mount.

Outdoor/Exhibit Signage
16. Outdoor billboard/signage
17. Transit (posters/banners inside or outside transportation, such as site advertising at airports, stations, bus shelters)
18. Trade show exhibit (banners, signs, free‐standing pop‐up banner stands, etc.)
Mount photos of the actual piece in use, if possible, in order to illustrate the scale of the piece and how it appears to consumers; plus a color print out of the item.


Broadcast Advertising
19. Radio
Include script and labeled CD/DVD in a binder. Also may submit a URL on which the audio will play. 
20. Television
Include script and labeled CD/DVD in a binder. Also may submit a URL on which the commercial will play; YouTube link is OK.

(Please mount entry. If mounted on more than one board, clearly label boards, 1 of 4, 2 of 4, etc.)
21. Interactive Media
22. Print ads
23. Outdoor
24. Broadcast Advertising
25. Mixed media

(Note: four or more activities or materials, including publications, broadcast, print publicity, interactive media or other activities. Submit one sample from each portion of the campaign, including printed highlights of website or CDs, if applicable.)

Most Improved
26. Most improved. (Any project: website, printed material, web content overhaul, email design change, etc.)
Please submit both current and prior product for comparison. If the entry would present better mounted, please do so and clearly mark “before” and “after.” If it would present better in a binder, use that and clearly mark “before” and “after.” Be sure to attach ID tags to the actual pieces and not to the packaging materials.

Strategic Recruitment Marketing Plan
27. Strategic Recruitment Marketing Plan
The purpose of this category is to acknowledge and highlight creative and effective marketing strategies used by members to meet their organization’s goals and overcome recruitment challenges. The plans will be judged on:

  • Originality and creative solution finding in the specific circumstance of the organization.
  • Explanation and analysis of the strategic problem or challenge faced by the organization.
  • Discussion of the marketing objective and identification of the target market(s) for the plan.
  • Description of the action/activity/communications plan used to achieve the objective(s).
  • Use of marketing research, needs‐assessment or other information‐based tools.
  • Success as determined by measurable goals such as increased enrollments/market share, growth in conversion from inquiry to enrollment, penetration of new markets or reactivation of former students, etc.
  • A profile of the results achieved and an honest evaluation and discussion of the outcomes.


Entry guidelines: Please submit entry in a binder or report cover and include:

  • Entry narrative – maximum of two typed pages
  • Marketing plan
  • Up to five additional pages of supporting exhibits


Questions? Contact Carla Morgan at cmorgan@upcea.edu.